AlbrechtZackary_Headshot“Communication is the architect of human connectivity, the bridge between civilizations and the catalyst of daily interactions.”

Zackary Albrecht endeavors to understand communication at its roots through his work and personal research, and brings a wide variety of experiences to the iVOW team.

Albrecht started with Voices of Women (VOW) in May 2015, as an intern, before the main portion of VOW was closed. In January 2016, Albrecht joined Prisk and Ford, and helped launch iVOW.

He recently completed his time at MJE Marketing, where he critically and creatively developed strategic marketing, public relations and public affairs plans and action steps that provided ROI for clients in government, consumer, nonprofit, tourism and social services agencies. Prior to this experience, he worked for Prisk Communication, where he coached and trained organizations, non-profits and corporate teams in effective presentation skills and public speaking. Albrecht also vast experience in nonprofit leadership and management.

He remains an active member of Rotaract of SDSU and San Diego Rotary Camp Enterprise Committee.

Albrecht is a graduate of San Diego State University, where he earned a B.A. in journalism with an emphasis in public relations, cum laude, and an honors interdisciplinary studies minor. He has two certifications from the National Conflict Resolution Center, one in organization conflict and identity awareness and the other in conflict management. In 2016, he received the Daniel B. Nowak Outstanding Student Service Award, and in 2017, the Presidential Leadership Award.

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