Jenni Doherty

Jenni Doherty

Our host, Jenni Prisk, interviews Jenni Doherty, co-founder, Daraja Academy, a one of a kind world-class girls school in Kenya. Learn why Jenni is so committed to educating girls and the measurable difference it makes in each student’s life as well as in the community.

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Excerpts from Interview

“86% of our girls are going on to higher education and 80% continue to stay active in community service.”

“The girls are required to do 30 hours of community service each year.”

“When the girls leave our program they become grassroots leaders for change in their communities.”

“You cannot get a 12th grader away from her books!”

“Kenya is excited to support our program – the country understands what we are doing for their daughters.”


More About Daraja Academy
Daraja Academy is a revolutionary idea – a secondary school where remarkable Kenyan girls, otherwise forgotten due to the lack of school fees, are given the one thing they desire most… a chance to succeed because Daraja and its supporters believe educated girls can transcend poverty and change the world.