Hamsatu Allamin

Hamsatu Allamin






Our host, Jenni Prisk, interviews Hamsatu Allamin, a peacemaker in her native Nigeria where she has negotiated with Boko Haram and led one of the first civil society movements to initiate the “Bring Back Our Girls” campaign.

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Excerpts from Interview
“Boko Haram prevents Western education…our system is not providing the education the children are longing for.”

“I created the Network of Civil Society Organizations lead by women because we work for peace.”

“We brought Muslim women together to work for improved education and international relations and we are all across the country.”

Biography of Hamsatu Allamin
Hamsatu is the regional manager of the North East section of the Nigeria Stability and Reconciliation Programme, and a national executive member of the Federation of Muslim Women’s Associations in Nigeria. She is a trusted negotiator and peacemaker between militants and security forces in her country’s conflict­-ridden and impoverished North East region.

The interview takes place at the Joan B. Kroc School of Peace Studies (IPJ) at the University of San Diego while Hamsatu was in residence as a Women PeaceMaker in the Institute for Peace and Justice (IPJ).


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More About The IPJ Women PeaceMakers Program
Since 2003, the Joan B. Kroc Institute for Peace and Justice (IPJ) at the University of San Diego has welcomed four women peacemakers each year from around the world.

The women reside at the University of San Diego Joan B. Kroc School of Peace Studies for two months and share their stories which are documented by four Peace Writers. While the women are in residence, “they have opportunities to exchange ideas and approaches to peacemaking and justice, which helps increase their capacity to participate in conflict resolution and peace building efforts.”