Bonnie Dumanis

Bonnie Dumanis

Our host, Jenni Prisk, interviews San Diego County District Attorney, Bonnie Dumanis, who shares her compelling story of how she rose up in the ranks in a male dominated field. Hear first hand what drives Dumanis to excel and continue in her unwavering commitment to public service. Learn what life experiences shaped Dumanis into a formidable felony prosecutor, innovative leader, and seasoned law enforcement manager.

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Excerpts from Interview

  • “I think I have the gene, the DNA, that draws me to public service. Since I was 14 years old I have been working in areas of public service.”
  • “It’s been my passion to serve the public and I am grateful that I have been given these opportunities.”
  • “For someone who becomes a prosecutor, especially for a woman, it’s a good role. Just by our nature you want to support victims and the vulnerable and give them a voice that they don’t have… you need a clear understanding that we do the right thing for the right reason. We are not political, and we work very hard.”
  • “Mental health issues and treatment of mental health, these are my next passions and substance abuse issues. If we don’t deal with these issues, we will have more people that end up in prison and more victims…We in the community need to step up and be more humane to our brothers and sisters.”

More About Bonnie Dumanis
Bonnie Dumanis is one of San Diego’s most innovative and respected law enforcement leaders. She’s spent her entire career in public service and her unique blend of experience – three-term District Attorney, Superior Court Judge and Clerk Typist – has given her the skills to successfully reorganize and run one of the largest criminal justice operations in California. Throughout her career Bonnie has been recognized as a team builder and organizational strategist.